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Welcome to Calectro AB

Calectro´s business is based on components, such as sensors. The company was founded in 1969, and we are located in Gothenburg, Sweden. Our philosophy is to focus on the customer.
Calectro´s most known product is the red Uniguard® one-pipe smoke detector for ventilation ducts, which is used by almost every major company within Building Automation in Sweden and Europe.

Calectro AB · Telephone: +46 31 695300 · Telefax: +46 31 293291
Calectro develops sensors and components for the HVAC industry, air handling units
and CO2 and fire safety/security. Smoke detectors e.g. Uniguard Superflow UG-3 for duct
ventilation systems, Pressure sensors, Occupancy sensors, Thermostats, CO2 sensors, CO2
safety systems, Flow sensors, Sirens and Beacons are some of Calectro’s products.